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Your profile is very important to us so we can help create a stress free atmosphere so you can enjoy one of the most amazing days of your life.

Months Leading Up To The Wedding

Getting yourself in good skin care routine, is a must, cleansing ,toning and exfoliating your skin on a regular basis allows your makeup to glide over your skin, doing this makes the makeup you have applied in the morning last longer. Having regular monthly facials, along with brow waxing and shaping is also part of a “getting organised routine” all of these skin care procedures allows your skin to be in tip top form for your wedding day.

Your hair care, to do an up style your hair doesn’t necessarily need to be very long, we can actually put hair up quite easily when the top layers are around 4-6 inches in length, meeting our brides at least 6 months before your wedding day also allows us to give advice on hair care, some suggestions for condition, products recommended, and styles imagined. Also working towards a hair care routine to get started on, regular trims, treatments and suggestions of colours to enhance the style you are looking at.

Your Wedding Day and the lead up to it is very important to Ultimate Bridal, advice is give to guide you through a very important part of your wedding journey, making it an amazing experience, and hopefully as stress free as possible.

Our Requirements For Your Day:

  • Date of wedding
  • Address of wedding
  • Start time
  • How many in wedding party
  • How many for hair
  • How many for make up
  • Time photographer is arriving
  • Time you need to be ready
  • Special needs

Our Suggestions To Complete Your Morning:

  • Try and have a good sleep.
  • Wake and have a healthy breakfast.
  • Drink lots of water through out the morning.
  • Make sure everything is done so you can relax, and enjoy a stress free morning.
  • Let everyone else do what they have to do and just savor the moment.
  • Try not to have too many people where you are getting ready, can be stressful.
  • Have some nibbles organized and a nice glass of Champagne!!