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Ultimate Bridal Hair and Makeup are one of the leading hair and makeup providers in the wedding industry, with bookings well in advance, our stylists and makeup artists are all very passionate about what they do, while also being very down to earth and accommodating to everyone they meet. Our bubbly outgoing personalities set the scene for very relaxed atmospheres at all our weddings, priding ourselves on our up to date, styling techniques and fresh ideas, every bride is unique to Ultimate Bridal, and our friendships with our brides go way beyond their wedding days. Our one on one consultations put you at ease, making your wedding journey with us one you will never forget.


How to choose your wedding hair style?

Choosing a hairstyle and deciding on the look you are after is the first decision you need to make, at your first consultation with your stylist bring with you all your pictures, photos you have seen you like, then decide what look you are after, structured or unstructured, straight, GHD curls, a classic hairstyle, a soft sexy bun, once you have decided what you are wanting your stylist will advise, on length, colour, advise on hair condition will also be given, including some incredible hair treatments to get your hair in tip top condition for your wedding day, which will add shine and leave your hair feeling healthy and more manageable. Upon choosing a hairstyle, make sure you are completely comfortable with the total look, always do the hair and makeup trial together. Ultimate Bridal like to do our trials within 6 weeks of booking working with you right up to the wedding day, so we can complete a profile of your requirements for your day.

Vintage Trial

  • A classic hairstyle
  • An unstructured sexy soft style
  • Straight with hair jewels
  • Down, with GHD soft curls
  • Up high on the head so veil can go underneath


Some of the key points to consider while deciding about your hairstyle are:

Up or down?

Wearing a veil – not wearing a veil?
If not wearing a veil a type of amazing head gear would be a great idea, i.e. hair jewels, a flower or feathers.
Also taking into consideration the theme of your wedding, time of year, and how formal the wedding is.
Taking in all these points, these should help you on the way to deciding what look you are requiring for your special day. A profile is created to help you work out what will suit and what will go with what you are having in your hair, your veil, jewels, flowers or nothing at all.

Jewels – add bling, and sparkle to the hairstyle.

Flowers – create a very soft, sexy look.

Veil – need to decide how long you would like it to be, is also much easier to decide after your hair trial.

Hair Colour – One of the questions I always ask my brides is are you wanting the same hair colour you have now, for your wedding day, as sometimes a suggestion for a different hair colour will make your hair style stand out even better, look shiner and healthier.

          Hair Trial Check List:Jodie Wedding

1. Wash your hair the night before- no product or straightening.
2. Bring with you all your ideas, pictures, magazines.
3. Be open and honest – very important with communicating with your stylist.
4. Listen to ideas and thoughts from your stylist – always let your stylist know your concerns, likes and dislikes – past experiences etc.
5. Before and after photos a must so you can view the total look, the difference is amazing.

Once a bride has decided on her wedding hairstyle, is a huge weight of her shoulders, is also the beginning of her wedding journey with smiles and happy times….