After The Wedding Day

The time sure went so quick was unbelievable, the huge build up making sure everything was as we wanted it to be put huge pressure on us, but on the day it was perfect only one thing didn’t arrive the stamp for the Lolly Buffet arrived a few days after the wedding, but by that stage wasn’t worried as everything else was in place ready and rearing to go. We also made sure we had a great venue who we actually just gave our colours to and organized the whole decorative special pieces (so not my thing), hired some stunning Candelabra from the gorgeous Elise (a local Manly resident girls) they looked just stunning on the tables with a garland of flowers underneath. Couldn’t have done it without Kerri from Shangri-La Gardens in Wynnum, an absolute treasure.  Everything looked amazing!

Our bridal party were such an amazing support to us both, my girls all had different dresses but the same colour, unique to them so they would feel gorgeous, the guys Steve in black and, the boys in white shirts and black suits. I think they all scrubbed up pretty good! Me in my “tiffany blue” was so excited to wear my dress, was such fun trying to sort the colour, and work out my design with Frida from Paras Designs in Brisbane whom is a true Gem, so patient and caring, and oh so clever! My hair piece made by Michelle from Redki Wearable Art in Manly.greg's photos 827

Our family were just wonderful,  we were constantly feeding hungry tummies but seemed to pull it all together, we certainly have an empty house now that everyone has gone home.

Back to it folks, if I have any words of advice it would be enjoy and savour every minute as it goes in a flash.

Cheers the Newly Weds Di and Steve Sandron xx