Whether you want to add height to your bangs or at the crown of your head, having the right styling tools will help achieve height and volume.


There have been tools around for centuries to create amazing hairstyles throughout the times. You can use these tools to add height for both everyday looks and formal events.



Hair RollersThese are not a mandatory tool you need to add volume. After all, you can add height just by back combing your own hair.


But by using rollers or curlers, they give a bit of help to add more lift, creating more height. If you want a style that is straight, you can use rollers just in the area you want to create height in, then use hairspray and a teaser comb to achieve the height.

Roller Curls



You cannot achieve height and add poof without a tail comb, teasing brush or such like. A tail comb is a plastic or mental comb that has a long, thin straight handle with fine, closely placed teeth.


Use the tail of the comb to part the hair you want to heighten, and section it off, and then back comb the hair in the middle, staying away from the roots and the ends. Spray with hairspray. Repeat to all sections of hair you want to create height.


If you do not want to use a tail comb, you can back comb with an unrounded tipped bristle brush (a back-combing brush).




If you want to create height to your hair without causing damage to it by teasing, ratting, or back combing it, there are alternatives available.


A very old-fashioned solution with the unattractive name hair rat is a small tubular shape made of soft hair or foam in netting. This works great if you are trying to achieve height in the vintage looks from the ‘40s, because the women back then more often than not used hair rats in their large rolls to each side of their heads.


A more modern preference available is a piece of plastic in the shape of a half-moon with tiny teeth. What this does is lightly back combs a specific area you want to heighten, and after you have done that, you simply push the device into your hair. Cover it with surrounding hair and spray well. If you want, add some bobby pins for a more secure fit.

Everyone has their favorite setting or volumising spray so spraying every section prior to back-combing, great way to secure your style also.