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SDS Hair Group Bridal DSC_9022The Very Latest in Bridal Hairstyling and Fresh Up To Date Hair Colouring , Foiling Techniques and Style Cutting Creating a New You

The very latest in foiling techniques and style cutting are you looking for a new you? time for a change? you have come to the right place, in my studio you will be treated like an old friend listening to and looking after your hair care needs, a new colour Or a new hair style, where to start- lets work out what you are looking for, something easy, you can wash and leave if you want OR blow-dry, are you good with brushes? if not I can show you some tips and tricks of how to simply and easily look after your hair and what each brush is for. Make the time for a longer consultation and we shall get you on the road to the “new you”. Taking in to consideration your face shape and your skin tone so we can work out the best style and colour for you, also working out how often you get your hair done, do you get a colour and trim every six weeks? or only every second visit every 10-12 weeks?

Every one I meet in my studio is always given the time for a chat and to work out what are their concerns with their hair and how easily we can work out how to make life a little simpler in the mornings that can save you time and stress.

Every bride is individual to me, I work with you to complete a total look for your wedding day, working with you right up to your special day with advise on colours, style cuts and protein treatments to get your hair in amazing condition for your special day. Advice will also be given on your skin to get it in tip top condition to allow the makeup to glide over the skin so it will last the whole of your wedding day, with you only needing to apply a touch up powder, prior to your reception, and of course a little lipstick.

Di and Steve Sandron – Owners/Directors of Ultimate Bridal are absolutely thrilled with the constant response they receive in the form of testimonials. The feedback is absolutely overwhelming – and it is sent unprompted singing our praises. Some of the common remarks are “they are so down to earth”, “they are like family”, have had many a tear from brides when we leave telling us how happy they are and that is a lovely feeling. Our 100% dedication to every wedding, creates many a happy bride. Our aim is to make sure your wedding day experience is absolutely second to none, a day you will never forget, with lots of smiles, stress free and most importantly relaxed.

As an ‘up styling specialist’, I have an incredible passion for creating amazing hair styles for weddings and formal occasions. Moving forward with all the absolute latest in hairstyling and makeup application, our amazing girls that work with us also spend a lot of hours keeping up with techniques and different looks to help create the style our brides are after. Whether it be a natural makeup look or a very unstructured hair style, we will work with you step by step with what you are comfortable with. Our brides become our friends, as we spend a lot of time communicating from the booking until their wedding day.

Where do you place your veil? It is a very personal thing, questions to be asked are:FB_IMG_1420529948374

  • are you going to wear over your face walking down the isle
  • will you have it placed under the hair or above the hair
  • the hairstyle really depends on where it goes,
  • hair jewels, a tiara or flowers are a stunning hair accessories to complete your desired look
  • at your hair trial we can establish what type of look you are after and also what hair accessories will go with your veil

It is a really good idea to have a look at magazines or the internet to find the makeup look you are after. Many brides ask to be very natural, unfortunately for amazing wedding photos you do need it to be a bit darker and bolder than what you had imagined so your best features will be apparent in your wedding photos, i.e. your stunning eyes, your face shape, your smile, your lips. Always bring your bridesmaids dress colours to your trial so we can match everything up. We do advise everyone to have a trial for makeup and hair, so we can establish skin conditions or problems there may be.

If you are looking for a very light makeup that you hardly feel, then airbrushing is the way to go.

Our Formal section has a lot of information on Airbrushed Makeup that might be of assistance when choosing the type of look you are after.

With our amazing wedding stylists for hair and makeup, we can all give you a wealth of knowledge for your wedding day. Gaining helpful advice and ideas, while working with you right up to the wedding day, for your skin care and hairstyling needs.

Our stylists are all amazing with their creations, always keeping up to date with the absolute latest it skin and makeup techniques and colours. And our outgoing personalities set the scene for a very relaxed atmosphere. Always advising and helping you create the desired look for your wedding day. Listening to all your beauty and hair care needs. All your wedding hair and makeup prep is the latest in bridal hair and makeup styling.

Perfect Curls with the H2D Conical Curler

Perfect Curls with the H2D Conical Curler

Makeup prep, and ensuring your skin tones, match foundation colours and products, imperative to a lasting look and ensuring your makeup will last the full day of your wedding.

Makeup Prep imperative to the lasting look of makeup, for any occasion.